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September 27, 2011 10:33 pm

Enthusiastic Yearning Eager Impatient

what’s the feeling you get when you combine all of those feelings?

well that’s what i’m feeling right now.
(too lazy to type and form sentences properly from this point on. just gonna let things flow)

yeah, it seems like time is just moving so slow. but i guess that’s how it always feels like when you’re waiting up or expecting something to come by or happen, you know?
for example, buying something online, and they give you the predicted arrival date; all the days from ordering it to it finally arriving, takes sooo long! or when it’s December 1st, and you’re counting down till christmas, and for some reason you got lucky and got choke presents for you to open. or you’re within 2 weeks until your birthday comes up. you should know what feeling i’m talking about now. TIME MOVES SOO SLOW! I mean, hurry up, i want these things to happen already.

in my case, what i can’t wait for is:

  • Payday! so i can have moneys! and if i get enough, then….
  • i buy my plain white icon alliance helmet! :3 and then once i finally have that shipped to me, then…
  • i spray-paint my FSB fin kit white, and apply it to my helmet! and also buy a gold mirrored face shield for the helmet. 

(Idk about you, but that’s gonna look fucking sexy! if i did have photoshop skills, i’d show you my idea in picture format)

  • next i’d get my sexyass motorcycle gloves. which finally completes my wishlist for motorcycle riding gear! :D

okay, now. looking at this and putting it to a timeline, depending on how much i work, i’d say this would take about…. 3 to 4 paychecks… sadly D: unless i bust ass. but every beginning of the month i gotta set aside at least $80 for my motorcycle bill. rawr. so in this timeline, for me to complete this, it would probably take maybe close to 2 months. T_T unless i get lucky and score some extra $100 a couple days.

and that brings me to my next thing!

  • I’m also waiting for “the river” or “hawaii 5-0” to call me and use me as an extra already! 

just 1 day of working with them and i get paid $150!! for doing nothing but listen to them for what i have to do!! walk from point a to point b when the man gives the signal! act like you’re talking story to your friend next to you. be a part of a crowd. the most easiest job in the world! plus they give you food and drinks and a lunch. plus you meet dope people. 
gahhh.. that would definitely hurry the process up of getting my dream gear.

and then comes some more things for me to be excited about:

  • waiting on friends to buy their motorcycles so we can all cruise this island as free as birds~

but this here will take the longest… sadly. this is the one thing i’m yearning for the most though. i would LOVE to experience the feeling of cruising with all my friends on motorcycles traversing the beautiful roads and taking in the majestic sights of the island of oahu.  

 so far, its me, erwin, and jason with bikes. we’re still waiting for andrew, and jeff. they are the people who are closest to getting a bike. there are some far off people, who are interested, like glenn, my cousin john, and possibly another friend who’s name is also john. but, looking into that future of all of us riding, and taking each lane on the highway in a single file line across the width, (LMFAO oh hell yes >;P) i seriously CAN’T WAIT!

and so, as time in my day from morning to night goes by quickly, time in the aspect of my goals and hopes goes by slowly. in this situation, MONEY is the key factor that’s holding most of us back. D:
if only there was a way for all of us to strike gold. if only i got lucky and become celebrity status and bank without doing shit, that would be the life. i’d definitely share my wealth just to see my friends get what they desire. oh and i’d also buy my mom her boat.

This is actually a very intimate memory and promise to my mom. i somehow always remembered this promise. since i remember it so vividly, i might as well grant this one true in my lifetime at least. here’s the story:

so long ago, maybe when i was like 4 or 5, me and my sister just finished taking a bath and were on my mom’s bed in my mom’s room. my mom just finished singing a lullaby, and almost put us both to sleep. i remember shifting around trying to find a comfortable body position in my oversized dragonball z sleeping shirt i used to always wear.
"i love you, kuya, I love you, Inday," she said to us. drowzily, we both replied,
"i love you too, momma." Then my sister said,
"i love you so much, that i’d buy you a boat" And then I went,
"yeah me too! i’d buy you a blue boat"
"and i’d buy you a pink one!"
my mom chuckled.
"oh really?" she said. At this, i opened my eyes and barely saw anything. she turned off the lights right after her lullaby, it seemed. my eyes followed her voice and searched for her silhouette. i found it and then closed my eyes for the last time that night.
"yeah, mom, I promise.” 

From here, my memory fades to an end. 


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